Multipack (a collection of FORTRAN routines interfaced with NumPy)


 Multipackmodule 0.7  is a C-extension module along with the FORTRAN routines it calls that provide a user-interface to the commonly used subroutines of ODEPACK, QUADPACK, MINPACK, etc.  It aims to provide all the numerical horsepower to provide the scientist/engineer with a complete interactive data analysis environment comparative to MATLAB, Octave, Scilab, etc. but built on the powerful and flexible Python language. Please note: Multipack requires Python 1.5.2


Currently the package contains functions to numerically: Contributions are always welcome. A CVS server has been setup to which individuals granted access can commit changes directly to the developing source code. Access will be granted to anyone who shows desire to contribute to the project. Send mail to Travis Oliphant for details.


The current release is 0.70. You can download the package as a gzipped tarball, a binary RPM for i386 Linux or a source RPM.
i386 RPM: python-multipack Note: If upgrading note the naming change for this release.
SRPM: python-multipack


The HTML version of the usersguide is incomplete in the distribution. You can find an up-to-date version of the usersguide on the site of Pearu Peterson, a major contributor to multipack. These packages were developed for UNIX but can be compiled under windows using the directions of Robert Kern. Look on his site for future Windows binaries as well. You need a FORTRAN 77 compiler to compile this package.

Installation instructions:

If you are trying to build for another platform, I have not made it trivial but it should be straightforward. (If anyone as some auto configure experience they'd like to share please feel free.) The steps are: